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Top Furniture Delivers to Your Home

Pick-up and Installation of Appliances and Electronics

       Whether you live in Rangeley, ME, Conway, NH, Island Pond, VT or anywhere within 100 miles of Top Furniture, you can be assured your new home furnishings will arrive with the careful handling of our delivery team. Our delivery staff is employed by Top Furniture not a contract service. We are very proud of the delivery team's handling of many deliveries daily throughout the North Country.

Delivery to your home:

        Scheduling: To serve our customers more effectively we
have developed 4 hour windows for delivery time. We deliver 6 days a week with predesignated areas for each day. Requests for special delivery days will be dealt with on a case by case basis and will require an additional delivery fee.
Delivery fees are as follows:
  - $19.95 up to 15 miles
   - $49.95 16 to 50 miles
  - $79.95 51 to 100 miles
Large Inventory with Warehouse on premises
- If a scheduling conflict arises call 1-800-287-5212 at least 24 hours in advance. We will reschedule for the next available day to your area.
- Our delivery personnel have cell phones and GPS units in their trucks, but please remember they are only as good as the signal they receive. We ask that you give your sales associate accurate directions to your destination. We are up in the North Country!!

Preparing for a delivery:

-Our delivery personnel cannot enter your home unaccompanied unless prior arrangements have been made and a signed note is left for them to take with them.
- Remove snow or any other obstacles that might hinder our delivery crew. Delivery personnel have the right to refuse unsafe   delivery conditions.
- If a delivery requires removal of windows, or extensive time you will need to make prior arrangements. Our delivery personnel   are not allowed to do carpentry or electrical work, install built-in appliances.
- Please make sure all animals are out of harms way. We will not be responsible for animals escaping from your home.
- Prepare your room for our delivery personnel. We will set up your furniture, assemble if required, clean up and remove all   packing materials.
- Removal of old furniture does require a disposal fee as Top Furniture is charged by our local municipalities. Our delivery   personnel are not required to move furniture that is not part of the delivery. They are on a tight schedule as they travel many   miles in one day.

Picking up merchandise:

- Top Furniture is open seven days a week for pick up of your merchandise. Our hours for pick-up are 9am to 5pm daily,
  11am to 4pm on Sundays. We request a 24 hour notice but at the minimum a 4 hour notice is needed for assembly purposes.
- Once merchandise is packed into private vehicles and leaves our property, it becomes the responsibility of the driver. Please   bring your straps and ties and use them when it is appropriate.

Installation of appliances:

- Our delivery personnel are qualified to perform "normal" installations of the appliances we sell.
- Examples of "normal" installations are listed here:
       - Removal of old washer - set new one in its place - level - hook up new hoses to outlets (If it requested that we use the old, or          existing hoses, Top Furniture will not be held responsible for any water leaks from the hoses or the connections).
       - Removal of old electric dryer - set new one in its place - level - plug into an approved electrical outlet - hook up vent          connection (If the existing vent hose is anything other than approved metal dryer venting, the Top Furniture delivery          personnel will not hook it up. Materialsuch as plastic vent hose is considered to be a "fire hazard.")
       - Removal of old electric range - explain the importance of installing a "Range anti-tip Device" (See "Waiver and Release of          Liability" form below) - set new one in place of customers choosing until the anti-tip device can be installed.
       - Removal of old refrigerator - set new one in its place - level - plug into outlet. If a water line is to be connected, it is the          responsibility of the customer to have the water line in place and the water to it shut off. Top Furniture delivery personnel will          attach water line to the refrigerator as long as it has a proper fitting (Top Furniture will not be held responsible for any water          leaks from the water line or the connection).

-Though our delivery personnel will make every effort to provide excellent installations, there may be situations we would consider "non-normal" and could possibly incur additional expenses such as a service call or another delivery charge if we have to return.
- Some Examples of "non-normal" installations are listed here:
       - Removal of old washer with standing water in the tub.
       - Reinforcement of floor to support new washer.
       - Plumbing beyond normal hose or water line hook-up.
       - Running new water line or vent hose.
       - Installing any appliance in an area that could cause damage to the          appliance,property, or environment.
       - Installing any appliance in an area that could cause injury to the          installer or the end user.
Top Furniture Installs Appliances

Waiver and Release of Liability

At the time of sale or upon delivery, you may be asked to
sign a "Waiver and Release of Liability" sheet that has to do with the hook-up and installation of certain appliances.
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